NORML : Marijuanas’ positive effects

Marijuana is a plant containing a psychoactive chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in its leaves, buds and flowers. Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, with forty-two percent of American adults reporting that they have used it. Despite the fact that marijuana’s effects are less harmful than those of most other drugs, including alcohol( which causes detrimental effects on the liver) and tobacco( Gums, Heart, Lungs, skin, Hair, eyes and other major organs) , it is the most common drug that people are arrested for possessing. U.S. marijuana policy is unique among American criminal laws in being enforced so widely and harshly, yet deemed unnecessary by such a substantial portion of the population. NORML(National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws), is dedicated to the realization that Marijuana is not a destructive source of relaxation or healthcare. Rather, quite the opposite. It is used by many, for multiple purposes that are beneficial, yet, it is so harshly regulated, a child with less then a 21 grams of it could be sent to jail. Many people whom use Marijuana today, say they have increased love for new and old things in their lives. Some use it for a spiritual path, others for health some for the Arts.

“Marijuana is not a barrier, but rather something that opens doors.” Says a UCF student

There are some who disagree of course. Those who attack it, but once confronted about why they hate it and think its wrong this is what one Parent has to say.

“ I found my child using marijuana, He kept laughing like an idiot and every time I asked him to do something productive he laid down and either slept, or drew something. That is NOT what I want for my son!

However, Another adult comes and says:

“My son was a very difficult child to raise after his father passed away, He was depressed, refused to talk to anyone. Refused to even pick up his guitar that his father taught him to play. He was destroying himself and I could hear him, everyday, upstairs crying before bed. Then one day, He came out to eat and smiled at me. Smiled at me and then hugged me. You have no idea how that felt, when my own son hadn’t accepted a hug from his mother in 6 months. He started playing his guitar again and even started drawing. My son and I have a very open relationship, He knows he can tell me everything without a feeling like he will get in too much trouble. So when he came to me, telling me about his newfound smoking habit, I was a bit upset at first. Then I looked at the difference it made. I am not against Marijuana in the slightest, if it can preform miracles like the on I saw in my son!”

This tells us many things: Marijuana is an excellent source of natural anti-depression in some people. Studies show it is effective in reducing the nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy, stimulating appetite in AIDS patients, and reducing intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma. There is also appreciable evidence that marijuana reduces muscle spasticity in patients with neurological disorders. A synthetic capsule is available by prescription, but it is not as effective as smoked marijuana for many patients

Marijuana is not only good for medical use though. There are those who use it as inspiration starters as well. Ones who smoke to get the ‘creative juices pumping’, specifically smoke just so they can create something for this world. To give back with their minds, Marijuana is what jumpstarts this for them. Here is one artists’ opinion on smoking for her artistic abilities. I am not here to single out people, not here to give a biased opinion. I, Myself do not partake of the leafy green plant However, I do know that a man who is more spiritual and knowledgeable than most, Uses it in a spiritual and productive way. This is what he has to say:

Shaman Treez:: My personal experience with marijuana has been one of expanding new horizons its helped me think in different ways and its also awakened me to our innate connection with the earth and its always put me in a meditative state and allowed me to create where I am free from time. I think part of spiritual growth is also learning to preserve the inner child. And marijuana has definitely helped me stay in touch with the inner child and the inner child is just the seed of the soul that does not age that is immortal and is innocent.

Helps to release neuro transmitters like dopamine and serotonin things that help to regulate the breath. Taking a few hits of marijuana will help you breath deeper and calmer and is another way to help meditation. But in order to get that, the main key to meditation is relaxation. And weed helps relax you with out killing your nerves like pills. if you cant relax then your meditation practice will not be fruitful and you will not gain anything from the practice. But through relaxation that is the current that takes us to the doorways of other realms of reality beyond the physical.

Meditation is so important that our species now depends on it. The fate of our species depends on how centered we are to deal with the challenges ahead. Med. Is a n undeniable aspect of conscious living. Being a species with a mind. We evolve through harnessing and directing the mind. And without meditation the mind would only cause the destruction of the plant and ourselves through lack of control. The most important part of meditation is to reconnect one with the truth that one is in a physical realm having a physical experience but is universally non-physical beings and this reminder helps us to assimilate our non-physical selves with the brutal experience of physical life.

In the way that when you do an EKG scan of the brain after one has smoked marijuana. On a scientific level, the user produces more alpha waves, which are the same waves one would produce after a long session of meditation. When the brain waves shift patterns then our thought patterns begin to shift as we being to think with other aspects of our brain that might have been dormant at the time on a meta physical level marijuana opens a users mind. Through the introduction of an external source of energy and this relation ship of marijuana and the mind is a relationship that our bodies have been built for and this is shown through the endo cannabinoid system. Which is a part of the body that has specific receptors for the cannabinoids that in marijuana and this opens a users mind on a spiritual level even if the person is not spiritually conscious because when one smokes marijuana. And these cannabinoids are now in the body the mind now takes those and uses them to heal itself. Now, what would the mind want to heal itself from? The mental trauma from negative emotional experience limited beliefs that eliminate creativity and often you will find that a user who is angry or impatient after smoking the proper amount of marijuana will start to analyze the source of the anger and actually be able to see past something that previously he could not see. The fact that marijuana has this potential to shift the focus of ones mind direct proof that marijuana not only opens a users mind but might even enhance it.

I started smoking out curiosity. I didn’t know what It was but I was given the opportunity and I said hells yea yay! I did notice a change. I can’t say if I was more productive or less for the fact I started smoking at an early age I started at 13 and at that time my energies weren’t directed at being productive but more so at finding who I was. And figuring out what life was. Marijuana has definitely affected me spiritually. I have had spiritual experiences mystic experiences with it.

Marijuana did play a role, but was not the reason for my path to shamanism, it helped me realize that I was a shaman because smoking at such an early age and the amount that I would smoke started to activate other parts of the brain that the education I was receiving was not stimulating. So I started to think on a much more subconscious level and be a lot freer as far as creating I started to write poetry and it helped me become an unconventional writer. And being a shaman you have to have unconventional thinking in order to have the mental freedom to not be bound by the scientific religious dogma.

I was never anti-weed, even in the D.A.R.E program, even when I wasn’t smoking it. I was never against it.

Decriminalization is definitely the way to go. First off someone should not have to lose all his or her personal freedoms for a plant. First off. But I would def. have certain stipulations under the decriminalization. I don’t think minors should be consuming just on a recreational base. But I do think that if you are 18+ you should be able to carry on your person and not fear and not be in fear of being stripped naked over a joint.

Now supportive is a flexible word. I wouldn’t say support the habit, but I don’t think they should be a level of judging or criticizing, more trying to understand. Lets say the kid is 13 like I was, By trying to understand his intention behind smoking and/or question the child and realize the significance from his smoking. Then that would, in a way, be supportive in the sense that its not destroying the Childs moral . I personally went through this whole issue because my parents found out when I was 14 so for 4-5 years I experienced anxiety and criticism and judgment. Which was destructive to my spirit and overall unnecessary considering how harmless the plant truly is.

As for future generations, I would educate at an early age, so there would be no taboo, and they will also regard it as something sacred, and when the right time does come they will cherish it instead of experience it out of blind curiosity .

So, to complete this article, Marijuana has a lot of good and bad reputation points, but so far as I can see, Personally, is that Marijuana is used for mostly good purposes and can lead to a better health, state of mind, or even can help insomnia cases or depression. Saying all that, I may not Smoke the Pot, but I support it.

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