UCF Students attend United for Care petition seminar!

NORML Petition Seminar

Today NORML at UCF attended the United for Care Volunteer Training Seminar! We met with activists from across the state who came together under a unified cause. We went over important things to keep in mind while petitioning and brainstormed key locations to petition at. The biggest point driven home was: spend less time trying to convince others and invest it towards asking more people!

Some notes from the meeting:

  • Need 1 Million Signatures by 20 weeks.
  • 10, 000 signatures per week
  • Focus on asking as many people as possible. Most people have their mind made up once you ask them.
  • Cannabis’ cancer fighting properties is a widely relatable benefit.
  • Anything not specified by the petition initiative will be set by the state legislature
  • Not willing? Skip. Focus is on numbers, not trying to convince.
  • Similarly, if asked to leave an area, do so. Do not cause a fuss.
  • Events are some of the best places to collect signatures
  • Day to day -> public locations (such as the beach, the park, the steps of city hall)
  • Private Establishments, upon permission.
  • Ask if you can petition! Ask Walmart, hospice, ect.
  • October is breast cancer awareness, runs are a great place to collect signatures!
  • Process
  • The first thing you say when approaching someone should be “Are you a registered voter?”
  • Make sure that they write down the address they registered to vote in, even if it is different from where whey currently live.
  • It can take up to an hour for you to feel completely comfortable going up to strangers and talking about marijuana, but it gets easy after practice! Bring some friends, a stack of petitions and you’ll see how fun it is!

Visit http://www.unitedforcare.org/ for more information!

NORML Will be offering prizes for those that collect 200 signatures! Keep the signatures you get signed and turn them into the table during the fall semester to get petition points. Any questions contact webmaster@normlucf.com.

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