2013 Club Shirt Design Contest!


NORML at UCF is now accepting submissions for its yearly club shirt design contest! Anyone can apply by uploading an image. This year we have a template you may use. Every year NORML members get together and share design ideas for a club shirt that will be our unifying image throughout the year. Shirts should look professional, not have complex colors, and represent the spirit of NORML and all that fight for the cause!

Submissions will be open until July 25, at which point all submissions will be open for a vote. Submissions and voting ends the 31 of July.

Check out these template ideas you can use to make a design! 

Soon you will be able to upload submissions! 

Along with our regular members only club shirts, we will be also accepting submissions for an alternate print that will be printed in white and tie-dye-able.


Printable Template

Printable Template


Digital Template







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