About Us

NORML at UCF is a student organization registered with the Student Government Association at the University of Central Florida.  We aim to educate the public on marijuana laws and their relation to constitutional rights on and around UCF in order to help bring about the eventual decriminalization of the possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis. Established in 2001, NORML received NORML’s Student Activism Award in 2008.  We have participated in many charity events including events such as Knight-thon, Knights Giving Back, and making donations to Knights Pantry. NORML at UCF has helped with cannabis reform efforts through the dedication of our members.


NORML at UCF works towards cannabis reform. We table in front of the student union Monday through Thursday, 10:30 am to 2:00 pm, and at select UCF events. The table is home to a collection of freely available books and literature that anyone can sit down and enjoy at the table. We also have an assortment of member-created crafts that we hand out for club donations. It is a great place to ask some of our more knowledgeable members questions. NORML also hosts events at the stage from time to time, including live music and a Silent Disco (thanks to Subwave!)

NORML at UCF also hosts phone-banking sessions, where members get together to call undecided voters and help sway their decision. We did this for November’s election for Prop 64, and it looks like it helped! Additionally, we petitioned at events on and off campus to get medical marijuana on the November 2014 ballot- and we succeeded! We also host informational speakers during our meeting times. Some notable speakers include Russ Belville, Paul Armentano, Chris Chiari, and Rick Cusick.


NORML at UCF is a club over fifty registered members strong. We enjoy having new members, and often hold events to get new and old members aquainted. Fundraisers such as tie dye events, dinner parties, and hemp braiding workshops help bring together members while raising funds for the club. We also host a variety of events such as Rock for Reform, the NORML talent show, and craft days. Our goal is to host a friendly environment so that discussion and friendships can foster.


NORML at UCF is connected with other chapters and organizations across the state. NORML at the University of Florida and University of South Florida have been active with us at events in the past. One of NORML’s goals this year is to extend our outreach past the simple boundaries of our school. We plan on doing things by uniting with other student organizations and chapters in Florida to run events and educate the public.  Through teamwork we hope to expand legalization efforts throughout the east coast.


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